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About Scions
A little about the league:

"Scions" was founded on 10/23/2013. We currently have a handful of "Loyal" & "Active Players" who run all the PvE content weekly. Most members will only dabble in PvP if it is PvP Legends. (Hopefully that will change once we gain new members.) I would like to keep the league small so no more than 40 "Active Players" & Alt characters are welcomed to join. (as long as they'll be worked on with the same energy as you do main character!) Together we have key expert plans available in the game, So as long as you provide the materials we'll be more than happy to craft your desired mods. Also many of us are willing to re-run Raids, Alerts & Duos if you need them, All you would have to do is shout in league chat or send a "Tell" to a member who is online. Please "Do not ninja invite us" to a group unless you know the person your trying to invite is okay with random invites!

The Ranking System:




"Scions " Have administrating ranks & non administrating ranks, So if you would like to get more involved in league politics you can do so but you are not required.Upon joining Scions everyone is automatically label a "Candidate" Until they have been with us for a month, in which their rank will be adjusted properly accordingly to how many Skill Points they have.

We don't tolerate:

BAD Attitudes!
Sexual Harassment!

Because of the Atmosphere of the league, how much we joke around & the way we joke around it would appear to some that we do a lot of the things we do not tolerate, BUT in reality its all in good fun! There is no malice or bad intentions involved. No one in Scions will purposely try to offend or disrespect you. As long as you let it be known to the league what's your personal limits & boundaries are no one will ever try to test them or try to cross that line. 

Our Goals:


  • To be a great and powerful league within the US PS Hero community.
  • To be recognized & respected by other skilled players & their respected leagues.
  • To show others its about the quality of a league not the quantity which makes a good & impressive league.
  • To be apart of a league that helps each other grow into stronger players.
  • To be apart of a league that everyone makes an attempt to play with each other despite our differences.
  • If any of this sounds interesting to you & you would like to join "Scions" or have any other questions please feel free to contact the following members in-game that is listed below or APPLY on here and a council member will get back to you asap! if its says CLOSED were no longer looking for power/role, if it says HIGH or OPEN we are currently accepting that power/role.

The Figment. Major Blitzkrieg. Light Token. Crimson Malevolence. Bkellzz. Fizzwink.
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Welcome to Scion's new Site!

by Lance Burrito, 59 days ago

As you can see here, we are trying to streamline the website to ultimately make it better for everyone to use. With this website, we will have everything our previous website had and more. We want to make it so that everyone can use this website without issues! Here are our main points of work. 

One Major upgrade is the ability to schedule raids and to schedule yourselves into the raids. By selecting the Raids link above you will be able to see the current raids as well as having the ability to schedule yourself into raids that you would like to be apart of. This section will also hold our Alerts as well, Everything that we are handling will be found in here. If there are specific days scheduled please look to your calandar on the right for any events posted. These will be the raids!

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